Linda Sgoluppi Biography

Linda Sgoluppi lives and works in Northamptonshire, UK.

The Artist completed her Masters in European Fine Arts, from the Winchester School of Art, in 1992. in Winchester (UK) and Barcelona, Spain. Linda has also lectured on Fine Art.

Linda has held numerous exhibitions: A selected list of her EXHIBITIONS is as follows:

2009 Canons Ashby House (National Trust).

2009 The Gallery Walls at Cafe Morandi

2004: Artiade (Olympics of Visual Art), Athens, Greece.

2002: Roadmender Gallery Northampton.

2000: The New Roadmender Gallery, Northampton.

1998: Logos Gallery, London.

1996: Rue de Bercy Gallery, Paris. - Utraque Lungo Gallery, Vienna.

1994: The Welcome Foundation, London.

1993: The British Council, Barcelona.

Her works are held in private collections, in Britian and abroad.

Artist's Statement

Colourful abstract paintings. Paintings are concrete abstractions of the conceptual explorations I make of the world. By the end of the decade my work had moved into abstraction. Abstraction is a tool that lets me explore, make connections and gives me a visual language that fits the shape-shifting nature of what interests me. The painting process, marks made on the canvas, layers and juxtaposition of colours, is the conversation that takes place between my inner and outer life. Experiments with materials and tools helps me make visible what was previously unseen. I apply paint with raised paint rollers, this brings their essential characteristic of repetition to the paintings. Subject matter draws from concrete as well as abstract ideas, and can include events, experiences, landscape, literature and science. Focus for the paintings is usually on a particular property or aspect of the subject matter. I usually work in series. Working on several canvases at a time means that the paintings inform each other.