Luis Cabrera Biography

Havana, Cuba, 1956-

Cuban-born, Spain-based painter and printmaker, Luis Cabrera blends humor with his well-known POP and SURREALIST styles.

This established artist was trained at the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts and the National School of Arts, in Cuba. He later went on to complete his graduate studies at the Leipzig Institute of Graphics and Bookmaking, in Germany.

He is a member of the Experimental Workshop of Graphics and the Union of Writers and Artists, in Cuba. Since 1993, he has been living in Spain and working as an illustrator of magazines, newspapers and books. He is also a Professor of Printmaking at the School of Print Making and Design (Real Casa de la Moneda), Madrid.

A well-exhibited artist, a selected list of his EXHIBITIONS follows:

1992 - Sala de Exposiciones de la Caja de Extremadura, Caceres, Spain. - Fragmentos II, (drawings, paintings and prints). Centro Municipal de Cultura de Getafe, Madrid. - Fragmentos III, (drawings, paintings and prints). Centro Cultural del Conde Duque, Madrid.

1993 - Modesto Frayle Gallery, Cuellar. Spain.

1994 - Big One, Sala la Salina de la Diputacion de Salamanca. Spain.

1996 - Miguel Espel Gallery, Madrid

1998 - Utopia Parkway Gallery.

2002 - Brita Prinz Gallery. Madrid. - Huelva Museum, Spain.

This Artist has also received the following AWARDS and HONORABLE MENTIONS:

1980.- 1st Prize in Printmaking, Cuba.

1982.- Noma Competition. 2nd Prize in Children's Animation, Japan.

1989.- Trienal of Printmaking. Honorable Mention, Fredrikstad, Norway.

1991 .- International Bienal of Printmaking, Sapporo, Japan.

1995 .- Maximo Ramos Prize in Graphic Prints.

His graphic prints can also be found at the following COLLECTIONS:

  • Dresden State Collection. Germany.

  • National Museum, Managua, Nicaragua.

  • National Museum, Lodz. Poland.

  • Gallery of Latin American Art, Cracovia. Poland.

  • National Museum, Cuba.

  • Museum of Printmaking, Fredrikstad. Norway.

  • Caja de Extremadura de Caceres. Spain.

  • Conde Duque Gallery, Madrid

  • Frank Mestre Collection, Miami.

  • National Library, Spain

  • Deutche Stiftung Foundation.