Marco Ferreira Biography

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1956

An established Brazilian graphic artist and painter, Marco Ferreira is self trained. His pieces explore the technical and philosophical limits of the traditional mediums of painting and printmaking in a contemporary context.

Ferreira's work has its origins in the Andean environment, one given to empty, wide, economical and minimal spaces, and to the abstract, hand rendered linear textile tradition.

His paintings and prints have been exhibited in Spain, France, Brazil, Holland, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, where he now lives.

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2001 - Espacio Simon I. Patiño, La Paz, Bolivia

2000 - Hall de Chartron. Burdeos, France - EsArt gallery. La Paz, Bolivia

1998 - Salar Gallery. La Paz. Bolivia

1997 - Nota Gallery. La Paz. Bolivia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 -

2006 - XV Bienal de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

2005 - Taipinquiri Gallery, La Paz, Bolivia - Oxigeno Fine Arts Gallery, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

2004 - Estampa, Madrid, Spain

2003 - Estampa, Madrid, Spain

2001 - Estampa, Madrid, Spain - XLIX Salon Municipal Pedro Domingo Murillo, Bolivia - Inaugural Exhibition. Galeria Oxigeno Fine Arts Gallery. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

2000 - Bolivia. Dibujo y Artes Graficas. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Asuncion, Paraguay - Grafica Boliviana Contemporanea. Espacio Simon I. Patiño. La Paz, Bolivia

1999 - XLVII Salon Municipal Pedro Domingo Murillo. La Paz, Bolivia