Maria Girona Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1923

Spanish painter and graphic artist Maria Girona works in a figurative style. She studied under the guidance of her uncle, painter Rafael Benet, though she was always guided by a self-taught vocation which led her to live and work in Paris with a scholarship from the French government in the 1950s.

She showed her work for the first time in 1945 with the ?Grup dels Vuit? in Barcelona and since then has had numerous exhibitions in places such as Paris, La Habana, Venice, Buenos Aires and Mexico. She has given drawing classes in the Escuela Eina of Barcelona since 1970 and in 1995 she illustrated an anthology of poems by Juan Ramon Jimenez. In 1997 she won the Visual Arts Prize of the City of Barcelona.


1946 - Exhibition by the "Grup dels Vuit", Barcelona.

1948-55 - Los Salones de octubre, Barcelona.

1953 - Participant in the II.ª Bienal Hispanoamericana de La Habana, Cuba.

1957-60 - Los Salones de mayo, Barcelona.

1958 - Galeria Sur, Santander, Spain. - "20 años de Arte Español Contemporaneo", Lisbon, Portugal.

1961 - "Club Internacional Feminin de Peinture", Modern Art Museum of Paris, France.

1961 - Lambert Gallery, Paris, France

1961 - Ateneo de Madrid.

1963 - "Homenaje a Salvat Papasseit", Barcelona.

1963 - "Nueve artistas españoles", various cities in Spain.

1965 - "Cinco artistas catalanes" Galeria Sur, Santander.

1966 - "II.ª Estampa Popular Catalana", Barcelona.

1966 - Museo de Ceret, France.

1973 - Galeria Adria, Barcelona.

1974 - "Critica Pintura Española Actual", Madrid and Barcelona.

1976 - ?Estampa popular? in the Biennial Exhibition of Venice.

1979 - Galeria Pecanins, Mexico.

1981 - Galeria Rene Metras, Barcelona.

1985 - Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona.

1987 - Galeria Ambit, Barcelona.

1990 - Galeria Juan Gris, Madrid.

1992 - Galeria Leonarte, Valencia.

1993 - Galeria Sur, Santander.

1995 - Galeria Cadaques, Cadaques.

1997 - Galeria Juan Gris, Madrid.

2003 - ?Homenaje a Dali? travelling exhibition, Catalonia, Spain.

2004 - Galeria Lonarte, Valencia.

2005 - Galeria Juan Gris, Madrid.