Marilyn Robertson Biography

Canadian artist, Marilyn Robertson is an experienced painter and photographer.

Primarily, a self-trained artist, Marilyn has also attended several college art courses, in Canada.

Her recent EXHIBITIONS have included:

Masaka Gallery, Seattle;

OUC College, B.C., Canada; and

Abney Gallery, Soho, New York.

In her own words:

? I have always been interested in contradictions to expected illusions. Large acrylic and mixed-media canvases (paintings) have been my medium of choice, but photography has been slowly growing as my new passion. I spend time working on both as one feeds from another.

I love to stretch the imagination and help viewers see things from a different perspective using an interplay of colors, textures and ideas. The wonder of life can be found in the small things magnified by giving them our attention, and reality can be very different depending on the point of view.? In her own words: ?My recent works focus on creating photographic abstracts. Fine art photography has long been experimenting with pushing the envelope by creating mood and emotional responses. With only the camera lenses, I attempt to push the boundaries even further and create total abstraction without the use of the darkroom and computer techniques.?