Martin Collins Artwork Details


Detailed Description

An original artwork by established UK-born, Thailand-based painter and photographer, Martin Collins. This artist takes a very contemporary approach to his preferred mediums of photography and painting.

In New York and Bangkok he has been attracted to the skyscraper, the modern architecture, and their abstract/formal and painterly possibilities. His recent large-scale photographs of the hyper modern buildings of Bangkok are rich, mysterious and painterly evocations of the hidden beauties where the ancient and the modern meet. He delights in finding details that look and feel like modern abstract paintings, but which retain a cooler, harder edge, combining expressive colour and a formal elegance. Martin´s earlier colorful semi-abstract paintings and collage used the city as symbol and figure, to find a language of expression. He has a talent for finding the strange, the expressive and beautiful hidden details in the urban scene.


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