Max Bill Biography

Swiss-born German artist, Max Bill, was a product of the Bauhaus generation, pupil of Walter Gropius and kindred spirit of Le Corbusier and Mies VanderRohewas. He was a virtuoso designer and creative artist, as his diverse activities as a painter, architect, sculptor, teacher, and designer amply demonstrate.

His work is characterized by a clarity of design and precise proportions which are unrivalled to this day. The work of Max Bill was a continuous balancing act between free art and applied art, between severe, reduced forms and flowing natural ones, between philosophical thinking and practical application. Examining the subject of "time" was a fascinating challenge for Max Bill, and one that occupied him for decades. A remarkable example of his work is a wall clock he designed for Junghans in 1956/57.

Other remarkable achievements by this artist include: - 1947: Established the "Institute for Progressive Culture." - 1951: Co-Founder and architect of the College of Design in Ulm.

Max Bill died in 1994, in Berlin.