Michaël Bihain Biography

Having trained as a butcher and as a carpenter, Michael Bihain studied interior design at the St Luc Institute in Liege and at the University of Hull in England.

He is currently working with companies and distribution firms on developing furniture, jewels and accessories.

Michael Bihain also produces some of his products such as Oyon, the first mural fruit basket, which turns your walls into dancing fruit pixels.

He currently teaches furniture conception at the St Luc Institute. His works are regularly exposed at exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan and some of his pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Seoul?s Design Museum.

Nominated for the ?Award Design Report? in Milan 2007, Bihain won the ?Help for creation and innovation? prize and was chosen to design the furniture of the British Council in Paris.

Michael?s conceptions represent the convergence point between the new ways of life and the collective memory. They are the fulfilment of his desire to design respectable furniture for free individuals. one of the most characteristic elements of his research is the obviousness of the lines obtained.