Mónica Alvarez Carreño Biography

Murcia, Spain, 1969-

Emerging Spanish painter whose ABSTRACT works address the themes of chaos, the joining of opposites and the subversion of heterogeneity.

Alvarez Carreño's work featured in the following EXHIBITIONS:

2005 - LekaLeka, Madrid

2004 - Dellwood Barker Cafe, Madrid 2003 - La Bodega de Lete, Madrid

2000 - 'La Nave? youth center, Murcia, Spain - Galeria Yerba, Lorca, Murcia, Spain


?I am interested in mixing, fusing and experimenting? says Ã?lvarez, who uses materials as diverse as candle wax, found objects, natural pigments from Morocco, clay and photographs in her energetic canvases. [?] ?My paintings are dialogues with myself and the things that surround me ? dialogues which combine every possible way of communicating?, the artist explains. (Translated from an article in La Verdad, Murcia, March 8, 2002)