Myriam de Lafforest Biography

Reims, France, 1973

An emerging French artist who now lives and works in Spain, Myriam de Lafforest works in bronze. Her figurative sculptures are simultaneously graceful and strong.

She grew up in a family of artists and soon realized the importance art would have on her life. After receiving a doctorate in psychology from the University of Psychology in Angers, France, de Lafforest moved to Spain. There she met sculptor Salvador Mañosa who became her mentor, bringing her back to the world of art. Now she unites art with her education in psychology through art therapy, helping children and young adults use sculpture as a means to express their thoughts and emotions.

de Lafforest says of her work: ?I never know before starting a piece how it will turn out. The clay itself plays with my hands and shows me the way towards a work, towards a form or a movement. Once finished, I understand the existence of this particular piece. I think that my art is expressive because it comes from inside me, from my intuition, emotions, and everyday experiences.?


2007 - - Galeria Mar. Barcelona, Spain. - Edificio Miramar. Sitges, Spain.

2006 - Galeria Agora 3. Sitges, Spain. - Galeria Tuset. Barcelona, Spain. - El Castillo Bagatelle. France. - Invalides. Paris, France. - Galeria Salduba. Zaragoza, Spain. - Decoracion RUIZ. Spain

2005 - Un Libre es Cultura. Sala Enric Granados. Cerdanyola, Spain. - Estudi Vidal. Sitges, Spain. - Galeria Agora 3. Sitges, Spain.