Nelly Thomas Biography

An American-German emerging photographer, Nelly Thomas' works emphasize the details of our surroundings in a beautiful but delicate and understated manner.


2003: - Foto Days, Gedern, Germany - Tiempo para el tiempo, Foto Fair, Gelnhausen, Germany - Santa Fe Workshops, Santa Fe, New Mexico - Rhubarb Portfolio Review, Birmingham, England - Santa Fe Workshops, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2004 - Fotofo, Bratislava, Slovakia - Photokina Promotion - Programme for Young Photographers, In-Focus Galerie, Cologne. - Sparkasse Langenselbold , Germany - Rhubarb-Rhubarb, Birmingham, Great Britain - Thomas Kellner Studio, Siegen, Germany - Hessian National Museum, Wiesbaden, Germany


There is a Japanese proverb that says that a work of art is more interesting if it only shows a part and not the whole. This proverb has influenced my work greatly. Also, because I am a curious person, I am interested in how people learn. Regarding where I fit into the history of photography, William Eggleston has been a great influence besides the classical photographers, such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Strand. I also admire the contemporary work of Sam Abel and Eddie Soloway. Other fine art influences are painters (modern and classic), architecture (especially art nouveau), music and languages.

Recent reflections are from Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, New York, Texas, San Miguel de Allende, Barcelona, Greece and Germany. I make my images with natural light only and using a manual camera. Special effects using computers, filters or additional automatic equipment are not used.

Originally, I am from New York but have been living in Germany since after high school. I am a linguist and my work is influenced by my love of culture, languages and how people learn (multi-intelligence theory, e.g.). As a recognized EU Socrates teacher, I am for the promotion of all languages and cultures.

As an artist, I try to catch some of the many pictures that I see around me. I love to learn about a place through learning its language, its culture, its natural beauty and to tell about it through the camera lens. This is why most of my images use natural light only and are made using a manual camera. Special effects using computers, filters or additional automatic equipment are not used.