Pablo Picasso Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Medium: Monochrome Lithograph. Title: Head of a Woman, on Black. Date of original work: 04/03/1949. Edition of this article: 1956. André Sauret, Monte Carlo. Listed Mourlot 161, BLOCH 592. Characteristics of this item: This Stunning lithograph is after Picasso's powerful original work of 1949. Printed in 1956 by Sauret in Monte Carlo, the lithograph is vacuum mounted & sealed on acid free black on white matting board, and benefits dimensions* of: Support 214 x 164 mms, Plate 188 x 139 mms. The lithograph is in magnificent condition for its period. SUMMARY: This Highly Collectable and Rare Lithograph is in exemplary condition for its era, most definitely a wonderful example of the medium, and will make an impressive addition/gift to any Picasso enthusiast or art lover. .... powerful art that will POLARISE !!! (*measurements accurate within 0-5mms.) Dispatched unframed, the item is well presented & immediately ‘ready for framing’. It will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins & characteristics of the individual article.

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