Pablo Picasso Artwork Details


Detailed Description

TITLE: Girl with a Hen, 1938. MEDIUM: Lithograph. DIMENSIONS*: Support 226 x 191, Plate 201 x 166 mms. EDITION : 1946. PLATE ENGRAVED AND PRINTED BY THE ETABLISSEMENTS BRAUN & CIE, AT MULHOUSE-DORNACH, HAUT-RHIN, FRANCE. This is plate number 21 of 24. SUMMARY: This is a very rare Lithograph after the above Listed Classic Picasso Work of Art, and the piece benefits title with year of the original work catalogued in lead verso the support. It is immediately ready for framing. Dispatched unframed, the print will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins of the item. In magnificent condition for its period, the lithograph is a very hard to find example of the genre, and will make an INCREDIBLE exhibit when suitably presented. SIMPLY AWESOME ART !!! (* measurements accurate within 0-5mms.)

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