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For Henrietta Gomes’s biography, please see above. Manitas de Plata (Little hands of silver) was born Ricardo Baliado on the 7th August 1921 was in the 1960s one of the most renowned flamenco guitarists in the world. He was born in a Manouche Gypsy Gitano caravan in Sète in southern France, into the extended family to which the members of the flamenco band, the Gipsy Kings, also belong . One of his recordings earned him a letter by Jean Cocteau acclaiming him as a great musician. Upon hearing him play at Arles in 1964, Pablo Picasso is said to have exclaimed "that man is of greater worth than I am!". But Manitas de Plata became really famous only after a photography exhibition in New York, organized by his friend, the famous photographer, Lucien Clergue. Provenance: Drouot “Montaigne” Auction (18/19th June 1997) conducted by Maitre Brest in which items from the collection of Henriette and Andre Gomes were sold

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