Paco Pomet Biography

The Granada-born artist Paco Pomet, who studied in the Fine Arts Department of the University of Granada, the Academia de España in Rome and the School of Visual Arts in New York, offers a selection of his latest creations – works which, as Fernando Castro Flórez has noted, feature everyday events filtered through an aesthetic that blends the amazing with the grotesque – at the Madrid gallery My Name’s Lolita Art.

Pomet uses thick brushstrokes and an Expressionist technique in which color sheds its ornamental function to take on a symbolic meaning in contrived narrative scenes that simultaneously imitate and falsify reality. The Andalusian artist places the “realest” elements in the center of his canvases and relegates the implausible ones to a secondary plane, but this in no way detracts from their importance; indeed, in every case they invariably determine the message of his paintings.

His use of irony and the creation of unreal, illogical worlds force observers to shed their indifference, to seek explanations for the stories they see in these intense images that flirt with the juxtaposition of concepts borrowed from Magic Realism and others seemingly inspired by the old photographic archives of Madrid and Central Europe. In fact, photography and painting, immobility and evolutionary thought merge seamlessly and completely in the work of Paco Pomet.

The artist’s work, which has won distinctions at the La Rioja Parliament Competition, the Zamora Biennial, the Autumn Salon in Plasencia and the Ángel Awards, was recently exhibited in Cartagena and New York. Pomet, who represented Spain at the Contemporary Art Biennial of Le Havre in 2008, will participate in the Beijing International Art Biennale to be held at the National Museum of China in September-October of this year.