Pham An Hai Artwork Details


Detailed Description

At one level, many of Pham An Hai’s paintings may be viewed as cityscapes or landscapes from his home city of Hanoi and its surroundings, or paintings from nature. We can discern houses, buildings and narrow lanes, and also imagine the city in various seasons or time of the day. Some paintings draw one’s attention to Hanoi in winter or it can be Hanoi in a red light stemming from the evening sun. Paintings of lotuses and water and mountains also feature in his latest series. Sometimes, there is a tranquil, romantic tinge to the works. At another level, his paintings may also reflect inner landscapes of the soul and heart. Pham An Hai is a master in the use of colours, and the choice and combination of colours are important features in his works. In his current exhibition, he has ventured into lacquer painting, a traditional technique that has been adopted in Vietnam for contemporary art. Pham An Hai is a unique artist who has shown that abstract works can show deeper meanings than being plain abstractions.

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