Piero Dorazio Biography

Rome, Italy, 1927 -

An established Italian artist, Piero Dorazio has worked in a number of mediums and styles throughout his career. He began painting figurative still lives and landscapes, influenced by the metaphysic work of de Chirico.

At the end of WWII he united with the social art groups influenced by cubism and futurism. An important trip to Paris allowed him to make contact with Matisse, Braque, Arp, Miro, and Corbusier, while on a trip to the United States he met Motherwell, De Kooning, Rothko, and Pollock.

In the 1970s Dorazio produced his first pieces formed by bands of architectonic color that later evolved to oscillating and undulating curves. He also experimented with large format collage work, cutting painted canvases and combining them in new ways.

His most recent paintings have returned to the tranquillity and ordered geometric structures of some of his earlier work.

Dorazio believes color is the expressive base of an artist?s feelings. What he experiences when he paints and what he wants viewers to experience with his work, he says, is the same: the pleasure of living.

He has exhibited his work in cities around the world, including in Rome, New York, Milan, Paris, and Frankfurt. In recent years there have been retrospective shows of his work in Grenoble, Bolonia, Athens, Milan, and Rome.