Rik Verlin Livingston as Zono Art Biography

Zono Art Productions is the art making enterprise of Rik Verlin Livingston. I live in the Morongo Basin of California in America right outside Joshua Tree National Park.

I have always been what they are now calling a "Pervasive Artist," meaning I do work for sale in galleries and work for sale as illustrations, or, as the case is here, Toy Designs.

You can see a lot more of my art work and read about what I've been up to at: ZonoArt.com

Artist's Statement

The works shown here are designed by me and hand assembled by artisans. They once were available commercial - but no more! All works sold by me are autographed with a gold pen on the "leg" of the base. The first group is the actual sculptures. P.S. To see them MOVE go to http://zonoart.com/toys/index.htm