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Size: 240 x 300 mms Note: This is one of the iconic photographs of Picasso. In his book Doisneau tells of how he visited Picasso and was very nervous on entering his house at the Rue Grands Augustines. He was ushered through the door by Jaime Sabartes where he saw Picasso and Francois Gillot eating lunch. On the tablecloth were two small loaves shaped like hands and the artist, seeing what was required of him, immediately adopted a pose putting his arms level with the table with the loaves as their extensions. This humorous photograph is illustrated in many books and articles about the artist. It does show that he had a great sense of humour! Literature: “Doisneau Portraits of the artists” published by Flammarion. This work is illustrated on page 85 of this work. Public Collections: Musee Picasso,Paris Condition: In excellent condition. Price: £4800-00

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