Robert Nizamov Biography

Nizamov Robert 20.04.1970 was born in Kazan, Russia 1985—1992 Studied in the Kazan Art school at teachers Hamidullin A. G. and Vagapov M. A. 1992—1998 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (the Surikov art institute in Moscow) workshop of theatrical painting of Kurilko-Ryumin M. M, Lebedeva R. I. and a workshop of monumental painting of Maksimov E. N, Lubennikov I. L. Since 2001 a member of the Moscow Union of Artists Lives in Moscow, Russia Website: e-mail: tel: +7(916)563-23-47

Artist's Statement

The real picturesqueness (painting) had disappeared from our life. It practically is exhibiting neither in official showrooms, nor in modern art galleries. Gifted, creative, modern artists have ceased to be engaged in Painting. One artists work on a salon, creating pictures on want to public. Others, in the field of conceptual art, in general have renounced Painting. There is no possibility to express independence in Painting In galleries of "modern" art, assigning a part only as a minor illustration to "the creative actual concept". But the Real Painting should become the hostage neither "the art market", nor modern trends. It, as well as original music should be born not on want, not to order, but because just must be born.