Rosario de Mattos Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Work of Uruguayan artist Rosario de Mattos, in his work we see a strong influence of impressionism, in the treatment of light and color. The theme of his work focuses mainly on the landscape, both natural and urban, with special attention to marine issues, where we see a great display of lighting effects and colorful. It has recently ventured into abstract art. Abstract art and intelligent Rosario de Mattos reflects his extensive knowledge of color, shape and making light work of enormous subtlety. The artist says: "This work is part of the series CYCLES; recreate the cycles that occur in natural and social processes. A continuous line in its evolution, represents the cycle and is creating interrelated figures that form a harmonious whole, to follow in a recreational activity, such as who is a maze, you reach the point which was chosen as starting thus suggesting infinity. "

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