Rosario de Mattos Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Work of the Uruguayan artist Rosario de Mattos pertaining to "THE GARDEN OF ROSALES" series, where simbolobía garden joins the pink giving birth to modern vanitas. Regarding this series art critic Elisa Roubaud said: "There are no words to define a painting that is pure color, transparent, ripples within a structure that holds without stopping the movement and rhythm in ways that lead the viewer back to feel the contact with nature in its purest form. It's even released until the color of the stain, because disregards all forms to extend beyond a limit. But everything is organized, rhythms and direct gaze most ebullient of freedom and the hint of pain, is a painting which naturally transcends the senses and reaches deep sensitivity of the beholder and may well feel . ...... There is so much beauty, so light and deep feeling in your painting that words can not repeat. "   Elisa Roubaud Art Criticism

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