Sergey Lisitsyn Biography

1957 Born in Simferopol, Crimean Peninsula. 1960-1966 Lived in Germany, Potsdam. 1970-1974 Studied at Samokish Art College in Simferopol 1976-1982 Graduated from Kyiv Institute of Arts Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Artist's Statement

I learned my first lessons and got my first impressions from art in Potsdam Gallery of Old Paintings, standing in front of the masterpieces of Rafael, Da Vinci, Constable and Monet. I understood that painting releases a man, allows his to create him own world, to perceive the objective reality through the prism of esthetic purifying origin. The world is amazing and fascinating. It brings great joy and power to a man when you see fine nuances of color and light. The realistic art allows conveying the beauty of the God-created world. Fantasy style conveys the ambiguousness and sophistication of the world moving in time. Changing the consciousness, you are a guide among different realities. Beauty, harmony and light will overcome the darkness.