SKParker Biography

A student of Flavio Cabral. A member of the human race. The paintings I have done have been for me. In the past, I have sold a couple that spoke to the buyer. My art are my children. You have to like them and believe me, some hate them.

I have had some pretty nice art instructors and was always the one that got the, "Wow, that's really good." comments.

But who gives a shit about all that? What good is moonlight on the ground of a covered porch? Which weed is more yellow than the other before it shrivels up and blows away?

Educated early on and being a slave to the factory of life I spent countless bullshit hours pissing around with working for people and things that don't mean a hill of shit today. Worked like a slave through-out my life. Some of my art knows of this pain. It was created at the hand of pain and it strives to reveal the beauty of struggle. Time is the enemy of art. It soils that which is pure and the unfortunate make their way to a 1000 piece puzzle where the round end never meets the square edge.

So if you dig it cool.