Steve Lawson Biography

London, England 1978 Steve Lawson is an emerging English painter whose work focuses on the raw emotions of human nature. As a self taught artist, his experiences are the fuel behind his work.

Having left home at a young age, Lawson was exposed to the darkest underground of modern society and after a long period of incarceration he immersed himself in art as a way of expressing himself.

Today, Lawson has sold many of his works though art fairs and exhibitions and he has won several awards.

?Portraying human expression and the actions these manifest upon the human form I aim to evoke questions in ourselves towards how much we physically portray our raw emotions and urges and the way it affects us as people in the social construct of today's society.?- Lawson Selected Exhibitions

2007 - PicassoMio - Wasted Talent Group Show, East Sussex, UK

Atari Art Design, London, UK

2006 - Liberte de Expresion - Koestler, London 2005 - AAF - Koestler, London

2004 - Discerning Eye - Koestler, London

2003 - Discerning Eye - Koestler, London

2002 - Koestler, London