Witold Podgorski Biography

Ketryzn, Poland, 1958 ?

Polish ABSTRACT artist, Witold Podgorski received his training at the Gdansk Art Academy.

His works have been exhibited in over 25 galleries in Poland and abroad, including France, Germany, the USA, Switzerland and Sweden. He now lives in the small town of Stawiguda with his wife and daughter.

In his own words:

?My work is positive and enriching. I try to create works that grow over time with viewing. I like to mix abstract themes with subtle images. The viewer is encouraged to draw positive meaning through experiencing my work over time.

Unfortunately, we cannot return to the past ? we advance towards tomorrow. That?s why I want my work to catch a fleeting moment and hold it for a little while. My work is full of optimism and I hope that it quietly helps people to enrich their spirits.?