Buy Art: Great Sports Art

Buy Art: Great Sports Art  

Sports-lovers can be found many a weekend glued to the television, either at home or out with friends. On weekday mornings, they skip over international news to the sports section of the newspaper to read the latest results and statistics. They devotedly follow the careers of their favourite players and their allegiance to favourite teams is unwavering year after year.

Some of these sports fans are also art lovers. Not all sports art is autographed photos of teams and players. There is a great deal of fine art, by fabulous contemporary artists, that appeals to the sports-fan-art-collector. If you're one of them, PicassoMio has some suggestions for collecting art with sports subjects.

Still photographs of a fast-moving game are brilliant ways to capture the thrill of sport. Some of them are purposefully blurry, creating an abstract or dreamlike image. A great example of this style is Robert Davies, whose set of work called 'Epiphany', deconstructs the imagery of football. Photographing stills from video footage of World Cup football matches from the 30s to the present day, he preserved the significant moments, or 'epiphanies' - classic goals and moments of surpassingly skilful play - and transformed them into color-saturated, pixelated blurs. The result is fantastic, and very collectable, photos that sports fans will find are a tribute to football and also an artistic achievement.

Fans of the World Cup and contemporary art will appreciate FIFA's Official World Cup Posters from the 2006 Cup, a series of limited edition works by some of the hottest names in contemporary art, including Andreas Gursky, Sarah Morris and Norbert Bisky.

Other artists on PicassoMio who depict sports in their artworks are: Luis Yngüanzo, who creates graphic prints featuring golf and sailing; Paul Calle, who has some great baseball images; Geoff Price, who paints colourful horse races; and Merv Corning, whose love of American football is apparent in his portraits of the game.