Art Schools

Our Selection of leading Art Schools & Institutions. Click on their Names to see further details, including their History, Contact Details, and Website (As Available).

Bath Academy of Art  – Founded in 1946, by Paul AYSHFORD, this prestigious school has attracted acclaimed artists like Kenneth ARMITRAGE, Gillian AYRES and Howard Hodgkin, as its teachers.
Bauhaus  – Founded in 1919, by Walter GROPIUS, this school of art and design was closed by the Nazis in 1933.
Beaux-Arts, Ecole Nationale Superiore des, Paris  – Founded in 1648, as the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, The Ecole is the principal of the official art schools in France.
Central Saint Martins  – Founded in 1845, St Martin´s School of Art merged with Central School of Arts and Crafts, to become Central Saint Martin´s College of Art and Design.
EFTI  – Founded in 1988, EFTI in Madrid, Spain, is probably one of the best known European art schools, specializing exclusively in photography.
Glasgow School of Art  – Founded in 1840 as the School of Design, the school gained international reputation under the leadership of Francis NEWBERRY, from 1885 through 1915.
Parsons School of Design  – Founded in 1895, by painter William Merritt Chase, Parsons School of Design has served as a pioneer in art and design, in the United States.
Royal Academy of Art, London  – The Royal Academy of Art was founded as the national art academy of England, in 1768.
Royal College of Art, London  – Founded in 1837 as the School of Design, the Royal College of Art ( RCA ), is considered as Britain’s leading school for artists and designers.
The Art Students League  – Founded in 1875, The Art Students League of New York, offers courses in major fine arts areas: painting, sculpture, and print making.
The Slade School of Art  – Founded in 1871 as a part of the University College London, Slade School is named after Felix SLADE, a renowned art collector.