Owners Manual: Art after You Buy

Caring for your Art  – It is true to say that art is eternal. Artists create timeless images that speak to people right down the ages. However, nearly all artistic creations are extremely delicate. Your artwork will only prove a timeless creation itself if you care for it properly. The frame of your artwork not only serves an aesthetic purpose, it protects the art in many ways and provides a strong point from which to hang it.
Fine Art Insurance: Insuring Your Art  – If you are new to the idea of collecting art, it is very likely that the idea of insuring you art is also new to you. However, it is unlikely that an average home-owners insurance policy will cover theft, loss or damage to these valuable acquisitions. Don’t be put off, insuring your well loved new treasures should be neither expensive nor complicated.
Frequently Asked Questions About Art Display  – Our editors and art consultants select and answer your most common questions on art display and hanging.
Handling Your Artwork  – By paying attention to the following simple suggestions, you can prevent damage to your newly acquired art - Painting, Sculpture or Works on Paper.
Hanging Your Art  – If you did not buy your artwork with a particular setting in mind, choosing just where to hang it can be as much of a challenge as selecting it in the first place. There are many guidelines for hanging art, of course all of them must be modified according to your own particular home. You may need to try a number of places before you settle on just the spot for your new acquisition.