Pop Art

Pop Art

Pop art stands for the movement, POPULAR ART. Pop art is a term generally referring to artworks depicting mainstream culture and related icons, from celebrities to advertising.

The first pop work is believed to be the American Richard HAMILTON´s Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Home So Different, So Appealing, a collage of a house with fugitives from ad pages.

Artists like Andy WARHOL, Roy LICHTENSTEIN and Claes OLDENBURG transformed Pop art into a serious and one of the post popular art movements, of the twentieth century. Warhol came into limelight with his use of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and advertisements like Campbell soups for his iconic paintings and silkscreen pints, and LICHTENSTEIN used the comic book imagery for his large-scale drawings and paintings. Similarly, OLDENBURG used commonplace objects like ice bags and clothespins as his subjects for large-scale monuments.

The pop artists simultaneously celebrated the consumerism of the latter half of the 21st century and rejected the intellectual content of ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM.

Pop art is also considered the predecessor to movements such as POSTMODERNISM, NEO-GEO and APPROPRIATION art.

Other well-known Pop artists are: Robert ARNESON, Klaus BREHMER, Jim DINE, EQUIPO CRÓNICA, Öyvind FAHLSTRÖM, David HOCKNEY, Karl Hödicke, Robert INDIANA, R.B. KITAJ, Roy LICHTENSTEIN, Konrad LUEG, Eduardo PAOLOZZI, Sigmar POLKE, Mel RAMOS, Gerhard RICHTER, James ROSENQUIST, Ed RUSCHA, Wayne THIEBAUD, Wolf VOSTELL, and Tom WESSELMANN.