Buy Art: Within Your Budget

Buy Art: Within Your Budget

In our age of astronomical contemporary auction prices, a common assumption is that great art must always be expensive. Finding fine art that is affordable can seem like a daunting task, but with a few suggestions from PicassoMio, you'll be able to decorate your home and office-and perhaps even start a collection-within your budget.

Art Fairs

Community and regional art fairs are a great place to find emerging talent. If artists are exhibiting individually, rather than through a gallery, you're more likely to find their artworks at reasonable prices. Some cities or neighborhoods sponsor Open Studios, an opportunity to visit artists' studios and view and buy artwork directly from an artist. Check your local newspaper's culture section for events and dates, or search online.

Art Schools

Student artists often participate in their schools' art shows. They often exhibit the best pieces in each medium from that year's student body. Artwork by students tends to be less expensive than art by more experienced artists. You never know, you could be buying from a future contemporary master! Check in with local universities to find out when they hold their shows.

Try a Medium Other than Painting

Graphic prints and photographs are often less expensive than paintings, usually because they are limited edition pieces rather than one-of-a-kind works. If you love an artist's paintings, check to see if they also create prints. It is a more affordable option for budget-conscious collectors.

Auctions and Estate Sales

Often places where collectors can buy at below-market prices, auctions and estate sales are a great idea for buyers who are open to being surprised by an artwork and buying on the spot. Make sure to ask for information about the artwork and ensure that it comes with a certificate of authenticity if you're considering the artwork for collection purposes or think you might want to sell it at some time in the future.

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