American Art Collectors

Our list of important art collectors in the U.S. and a review of their private collections.

Bill Gates  – Cofounder of Microsoft and the world’s richest person, with an estimate net worth exceeding $50 Billion, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda are avid art collectors, particularly 19th century American paintings.
Charles Schwab  – Founder of the largest American discount brokerage, Charles Schwab is a self-made billionaire and major collector of Contemporary Art.
Craig Robbins  – Miami-based American real estate magnate, whose developments include the Miami Design District.
David Geffen  – One of the wealthiest entertainment moguls, David Geffen made his first billion in the music industry. Now, one of the partners of Dreamworks SKG, along with partners Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg, David also owns a large private collection of Modern and Contemporary Art.
David Rockefeller  – New York businessman and the grandson of John D. Rockefeller, the legendary American oil tycoon, David Rockefeller is the former CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank and now dedicated to philanthropic activities. He also maintains a diverse art collection, including 19th century American Art and Impressionism.
Dean Valentine  – A leading American television executive, Dean Valentine is a well-known collector of cutting edge contemporary art.
Donald Fisher  – Amongst the world´s wealthiest people, Mr. Fisher is the founder of The Gap (apparel) and is an avid collector of Contemporary art.
Eli Broad  – One of the world’s richest persons, Eli Broad is a self-made billionaire and founder of two major American corporations: Kaufman & Broad (a home builder) and Sun America (an insurance company). In the art circles, Mr. Broad is regarded as one of the most serious collectors of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Henry R. Kravis  – With his claim to fame as a corporate raider of the 1980s, Mr. Kravis is one of America’s richest person and is also an avid collector of Old Masters.
Leslie Herbert Wexner  – Founder of the leading American clothing retailer, The Limited, Mr. Wexner is a recognized art enthusiast.
Lew Manilow  – The leading Chicago-based collector, Lew Manilow is the founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.
Paul Allen  – Co-founder of Microsoft and a leading American investor, as an art collector, Paul Allen owns a variety of styles, including, Impressionist paintings, Old Masters and Pop art.
Peter Lewis  – Cleveland-based businessman, Peter Lewis is the president and chief executive of insurance company Progressive Corp. A major philanthropist, Mr. Lewis supports Princeton University, Case Western University and the Guggenheim Museums. He is an ardent collector of some of the latest trends in American art.
Philip Anschutz  – Oil, real estate and telecom magnate, Mr. Anschutz is a leading west-coast businessman known for his significant American art collection.
Ray Nasher  – Texan real estate magnate and philanthropist Ray Nasher is considered to be the leading collector of sculpture.
Ronald Lauder  – With a controlling interest in the cosmetics firm, Estee Lauder, Mr. Ronal Lauder is one of the richest Americans and an enthusiastic collector of Modern Art.
Samuel I. Newhouse  – New York based media magnate, Mr. Newhouse runs the elite magazine and newspaper empire Advance Publications, known for its Conde Nast magazine division: Vogue, Vanity Fair, New Yorker. Mr. Newhouse also has a notable art collection of Modern and Contemporary works.
Steve Martin  – One of the most famous stand up comedians of all time, Steve Martin has shifted to being a respected actor of the 80s and 90s. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Mr. Martin is also a prolific art collector of mainly Contemporary artworks.
Steve Wynn  – Las Vegas hotelier Steve Wynn has been probably the top art buyer, in the world, for a few years